The FAST™ FTC 4X is the first integrated magnifier available on the market, bringing the magnifier up to a 2.26″ optical centerline from the rail. Integrating the mount with the optic shaves weight, increases strength and ensures streamlined functionality with no occlusion of the primary optic when stowed. The optical glass provides a clear and durable sighting solution while UNITY’s FTC (flip-to-center) technology allows for easy stowage when not in use.

Designed for use with a red dot mounted at the same height, the FAST™ FTC 4X provides ultimate picture clarity, utilizing the red dot in the primary optic as the aiming reticle. This allows the shooter to shift between non-magnified (stowed) and magnified aiming without re-zeroing the optic. The magnifier can be mounted on multiple weapons platforms behind a red dot sight or used as a hand-held monocular. It comes standard with a FAST™ QD Lever.

FAST™ is a series of integrated optics and optic mounting solutions that provides end users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts. FAST™ mounts position most optics at a 2.26” optical centerline from the rail, which allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by ensuring an ergonomically correct heads-up posture. Further, they provide faster and easier dot/reticle acquisition while wearing night vision goggles, protective masks, plate carriers and other gear.