Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please see the instructions at this link: TAPS PRO Instructions or check out our installation video at: TAPS PRO Installation and Programming

The number one problem associated with this issue is improper O-Ring seating. To test this. Install TAPS PRO without the O-Rings installed. If you can enter Programming mode in this configuration then go to the next FAQ “Installing O-Rings properly”

1. Ensure the O-Rings are clean. 2. Apply a light coat of oil or grease (Avoid Harsh lubricants). 3. Re-seat body & Baseplate. 4. Check that the O-rings are seated correctly (You should not be able to see them from the side)

TAPS works with any laser system that accepts the standard Crane / Insight / L3 pressure switch connector.

TAPS currently supports Surefire & Insight Lights. More light options may be added in the future.

TAPS and TAPS Pro are waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes when properly assembled on a rail.

Battery life for the 2032 Battery in TAPS Pro is approximately 3000 hours of device “ON” time. However, we suggest changing the battery yearly.

Double Tap for Constant should not be programmed for devices that have a native Double Tap for Constant feature. Momentary mode should be used for these devices to utilize their internal programming and achieve Double Tap for Constant functionality.

It’s likely the O-Rings are not seating fully. Check to ensure there are no twists and ensure a light coat of grease is applied on the entire surface of the O-Ring.

The CR2032 battery in TAPS needs to be changed, or it is making imperfect contact. Use only high quality batteries.

1. Ensure the battery is fresh and high quality. 2. Ensure the battery is properly installed and the switch is mounted on a rail and that the O-Rings are seating fully. 3. Ensure you press a “Fire” button immediately prior to pressing the programming button.

Please visit the TAPS Tech Support page and fill out the form. We will respond ASAP.


Yes, but it may require the user to put a slight bend in the wires at the end to provide tension to the clips.

MARK SARA Compatibility Chart - FAQ

No, but they can be set on the lip of the helmet to allow cooling while still being able to hear comms.


Only MSA Sordin and Sordin derivatives.

Snap ring pliers will make things substantially easier. These are commonly available at most hardware stores including Harbor Freight, Home Depot, etc. In lieu of that, a small flat head screw-driver will work.

ESS Studs are required for “Behind the Head” ear-pro / comms only. They replace the rear stud on each ear cup for use with SARA.


Unfortunately this is not possible. Please use the REMORA for this application.

When KNUCKL is loaded with heavier items (Contour Camera & X300 for example) the velcro dot can be placed on the Contour camera to help secure it to the helmet for the best video experience.

No, but it will help retain the items in the event of a break-away and is highly recommend for hard use environments.


Please see the sizing guide located on the product page, or contact us for assistance.

Most kydex holsters can be used, as long as they are less than 4.5″ wide. Simply remove the existing holster hardware and attach the included self adhesive velcro to the back of the holster and insert into a CLUTCH cell at the desired depth/cant.


No matter your configuration, you will need the Micro Hub. If you are using a Surefire Scout series light (or light that shares that mounting pattern such as the Streamlight Protac Rail) you will not need any additional parts. If you would like to mount a handheld light, you will need the appropriate sized ring mount. If you would like to mount a picatinny rail mounted light, you will need the Offset Rail. If you are using the Micro Hub in conjunction with a Laser device, the Light Wing (Left or Right depending on side) will mount the light alongside the laser system.


The only adapters we currently make include what is up for sale on the site. We are constantly looking at adding new options based on customer demand, so please contact us if you have a suggestion.

ALWAYS check trigger cruciform/striker engagement when changing ANY triggers, slides, or frames on your Glock pistol. We highly recommend using a gunsmith backplate (orange) to check and verify proper striker engagement prior to firing any new parts combination. There are tons of articles and videos online with in-depth engagement verification and adjustment instructions.

If your adapter plate does not slide into the dovetail freely, ensure that both adapter and dovetail are clean and free of debris. If it is still too tight, you may need to touch up the mounting surfaces of the adapter with a very fine file or sandpaper. Go slowly and check fit often, and the result will be a perfect gunsmith quality fit. You can see our handy guide here: ATOM Adapter Fitting Guide. If the adapter seems to be extremely oversized, please contact us so we can take a look and make sure everything is in spec.


EXO is compatible with the following lights: Surefire X200, X300, X300U-A, X300V. It is not compatible with the new X300U-B (With Thumbscrew Mount). We do not currently make EXO for the Streamlight TLR series lights.


Yes, it will work on any rail that has a hole large enough for the mounting screw to fit through and enough space on the inside to mount the nut. Note, the VFG does not use MLOK hardware and rail removal will be required for most installs.

Approximately 2.25″