We offer product consultation services for design, validation, and testing. We use the most current methods and processes to reduce cost, cycle time, and product defects at release. We believe in tightly structured testing, rapid prototyping, and field validation without hampering the creative process.

Services we offer include:

  • CAD Modeling and Design
  • CAD Validation
  • Rapid Prototyping in both polymers and metals
  • Field validation by a large pool of subject matter experts and active and retired combat veterans.

We have strong relationships with traditional CNC shops as well as high quality injection molding manufacturers to provide guidance in a wide range of product development.

We operate under strict confidentiality and listen intently to your design goals and requirements. Our interest is in seeing your project succeed. We are open to partnerships and other business arrangements. We are honest and transparent. We will tell you if a project is outside of our expertise and do our best to guide you to someone who is capable of fulfilling your needs. We won’t waste time or money.